How I Retired at Age 26

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In life, and as humans, we like to strive for the best life and the best things. It’s a normal primal instinct incumbent and inherent to over 97% of us. Such was the case for me—a young graduate going into the work force with big aspirations. While it was a dream come true to have a job lined up after graduation, it was merely a thing I could deem my ultimate goal.
A month into my new job (or life, if you will), I was already seeking out other ventures to supplement my income. And although the average person would be quite complacent, my goal was to be wealthy and retire by age 30…coined with the the fact that I am a Nigerian emigrant (immigrating into the US about 10 years ago), I knew I needed to have my plans well lain. Moving on, in this quest for wealthy aspirations, I read several articles in hopes that I could uncover something that would get me to my ultimate goal. I did, and it said that real success comes from doing that which you are passionate about. So, I decided to play video games online (with money on the line) as another stream of income to fetch in more revenue. But that was short lived, as I didn’t make a lot from doing it, although I won most of my online matches.
Long story short, I found the market and after trial and error, I took the time to learn it and then master it. I didn’t just master it; it was a passion. It was something I looked forward to every single day, and even hated weekends for it, as a result. After a while, and after I had profited to a point where I had 6 months of salary saved up, I decided to quit, after which I went from $5k/month to over $90k/month in income. I now have students that are doing the same, and soon, I’ll be taking it up a notch to a point where we would have books, tapes, PowerPoint slides, etc. Essentially, always strive for the best and never settle for less. You are responsible for what you are, so why not get out of your comfort zone and be the best you can be. No one is bragging here; rather, I’m merely motivating you to strive for the very best. Risks are necessary, and fear shouldn’t deter you neither.
In the next post, I’ll try my best in recommending how to go about chasing your dreams, including necessary/pertinent steps.
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