Follow the Trend

This will be rather short and concise! In the stock market, and for most savvy and more experienced traders, decisions on whether to enter a stock are on a technical and fundamental bases [basis]. Newbies to the market often chase these trends, and that is the no1 reason why most traders are unsuccessful. Chasing a technical/fundamental play that is already high with no risk control or self control will always be more detrimental than beneficial.

In any case, there is a forgotten trend–or perhaps a trend that really isn’t known–that could make you just as much, especially buying a stock when it’s still low and hasn’t ran up much. I call this trend “Sympathy Runners.” Sympathy runners usually would run after another stock has made a major move, especially when there is catalyst (news) to back up the move. A stock could be a sympathy if it’s in the same sector, from the same country, same share float, same price range, or has a similar chart pattern. In some rare cases, such as today, recent IPOs.

$IMTE, a new stock that recently had its IPO, ran 2000%+ today; and although I missed the big move, my quick thinking was able to make up for it by buying $BOXL, another stock that recently had its IPO. It moved 250% from our alerted price, which is also a massive move. I also played $NVMM, which moved 50% from our initial entry. Essentially, to be very successful in the penny stock market, you have to understand these trends and become a more knowledgeable trader, for if you don’t, you will miss out on opportunities or even lose a lot of money.



This is not by any chance a recommendation to buy or sell, nor is it a guaranteed indication that the above tickers/stocks would provide profits. Do your own DD and research and trade at your own risk.

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